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Bosch Appliance Repair in Long Beach and Los Angeles

We also Repair All Major Brands
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Appliance Repair Appliance Repair Appliance Repair

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We always aim to please and our clients are willing to vouch for us. Please see our client testimonials below.


A while back we had a Thermador 48 inch Professional Series Range.One night a few months back we were cooking dinner when the small oven fan refused to turn-off, and the door locked and would not unlock. The next day we called My Appliance Repair and set up an appointment. We have been using this company for years. They are great!


We had all LG Appliances put in the kitchen. We have had a number of problems with several of our LG appliances. We went online and found a company Viking Appliances, Los Angeles, CA. We were really impressed by this company and we will definitely be calling them again the next time we need an appliance fixed.

We Service All Major Brands

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We offers the Best Repair Authorized Service and restoration for appliances in Los Angeles. We are premiere provider of service and repairs for appliances, such as built - in ovens, cook top, and wine cellars. We also offer repair services for other brands that include but not limited to:

  • Bosch Appliance Repair
  • Bosch Refrigerator Repair
  • Bosch Cooktop Repair
  • Bosch Dishwasher Repair
  • Bosch Dryer Repair
  • Bosch Wine Cooler Repair
  • Bosch Washer Repair
  • Frigidaire Appliance Repair
  • Frigidaire Refrigerator Repair
  • Frigidaire Cooktop Repair

Bosch appliance repair in Los Angeles may be tricky to find. Our qualified professionals are ready to provide any home appliance repair. Aside from Bosch we have many years of experience in all popular brands. We carry most of the parts in the truck so a lot of repairs are done in one go. In any case we can order the needed part and be back in several business days.

Why Choose Us?

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Appliance Repair

Here is a quick list of the repair work that we can do in Los Angeles:

  • Bosch washing machine repair. Washer is noisy, washer won't turn on, washer is leaking, washer doesn't start, washer doesn't spin.
  • Bosch refrigerator repair. Refrigerator is noisy, refrigerator is leaking, refrigerator will not start, fridge is too warm, ice maker not making ice, fridge is too cold.
  • Bosch dryer repair. Dryer won't start, not enough heat, takes too long to dry, dryer shuts off too soon, dryer is too hot.
  • Bosch dishwasher repair. Disher come out dirty, dishwasher door leaks, dishwasher doesn't start, dishwasher noisy.
  • Bosch oven repair. Oven little to no heat, oven will not start, oven is too hot, oven door won't open.

Even if your home appliance seems fine, there are all red flags that can be a sign you will need professional inspection of the unit Here are some of the common signs there might be something wrong with your appliance, no matter if it is Bosch or any other brand. If you noticed one or more of them, our appliance repair masters can come out to any address in Los Angeles. Call us now to get scheduled on the same day!

Our benefits includes:

  • -24 Hours or Same Day Repair Services
  • -Completely Licensed and Insured
  • -Fully Stocked with Radio - Dispatched Automobiles
  • -Repair Services for All Brands
  • -On Paper Estimates

Check Out Our Benefits!

  • - Fully licensed and insured
  • - Written Estimates
  • - Fully Stocked, Radio-Dispatched Trucks
  • - Same Day Service
  • - We Repair All Makes & Models

Bosch Refrigerator Repair in Los Angeles

Leakage. This is the most common problem found in refrigerators.
Depending on the issue that caused the leakage, you can fix it yourself or with help of a master. Defrost drain is a small hose located on the back wall of the freezer. Blockage of food particles and debris can clog it, leading to ice buildup and eventually leaking. If you have a narrow and long cleaning instrument, you can try to clean it yourself. However, if the hose needs to be replaced, an appliance repair professional needs to do it.
Noise. Noisy fridge is not only inconvenient, it also indicates that something is wrong. Overworking fridge will consume significantly more energy which will cost a lot more than it should. The problem is usually in the condenser coils. If they are dusty and dirty, the fridge starts to work harder. Good thing is you can fix it manually. Just clean it up a little bit and you're done.
Food is freezing. If your fridge is freezing the food, the problem might be in the thermostat. It controls the voltage to the compressor and evaporator fan motor. If it doesn't work well, the refrigerator will give a lot more cool than needed. Replacing the thermostat in Los Angeles will require appliance repair help.

Bosch Refrigerator Repair in Los Angeles

Bosch Dryer Repair in Los Angeles

Bosch Dryer Repair in Los Angeles

Dryer Repair all types of Dryers, whether it is a front load dryer top load dryer, such as Electric or Gas dryer. We repair all major brands of Dryers. If you have a Dryer that needs to be repaired or serviced in the Los Angeles Area contact us, and let us know what you need. If your washing machine is not cleaning clothes and acting up, such as not spinning or lack of drainage, if your LG Dryer won't spin, or if your Dryer is making a loud noise, maybe your Dryer won't agitate, we can help. We will have your dryer or serviced in know time. We will have you Dryer up in running in no time.

Bosch Washer Repair in Los Angeles

Noise. Although it may not be the biggest problem, a noisy washing machine isn't a good thing in any way. It could simply be a piece of debris or a coin that got into the machine with the clothes, but it could also be something more urgent. To find out you will need appliance repair in Los Angeles
The machine won't spin. First of all check if there aren't too many clothes. You could simply overload the machine. Next check if the load isn't too small. Too little amount of clothes won't allow the washer to start. However changing the motor will be too tricky to do it yourself. There is no water during the run. Blocked out kinked hose will not allow the water to come in. Also if there is any damage in the hose, it will create constant leakage. Changing the hose will fix the problems.

Bosch Washer Repair in Los Angeles

Bosch Range Repair in Los Angeles

Bosch Oven Repair in Los Angeles

Control board. The control board operates all the functions and timing of the oven. If it doesn't work properly, the oven won't turn on and you won't be able to use it. Check twice if it's supplied with electrical power and if nothing happens the panel probably needs to be replaced.
Oven won't heat. The most common problem of not heating the oven is defective igniter. Theigniter supplies the current to the safety valve to ignite it. The faulty igniter won't open the valve correctly, not being able to ignite the gas. Appliance repair specialists will take a look at your Bosch oven and will replace the faulty igniter.
Temperature is not accurate. Once again the problem might be in the igniter. If it wears off over time, it takes a lot longer to open the gas safety valve, which makes it harder to gain the needed temperature. If you notice frequent change in the temperature, the igniter might need to be replaced.

Bosch Dishwasher Repair in Los Angeles

Dishwasher Repair specializes all types of refrigerators, whether it is dishwasher repair , side by side dishwasher repair we can help. If you have a dishwasher that needs to be repaired or serviced in the Los Angeles Area contact us, and let us know what you need. If your dishwasher is leaking water, if your refrigerator is making a loud noise, we can help. We will have your dishwasher repaired or serviced in no time. We will have your dishwasher up in running in no time.

Bosch Dishwasher Repair in Los Angeles